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The most authentic and trustworthy FAKE NEWS site that Donald “Jackass” Trump has been asking for all this along. Move over CNN, NYTimes…you are lame; let us do the job.

The content of this site is offensive, rude and lacks any credibility what so ever, just like Donald Trump, his White House, Paul “Spineless” Ryan, Mitch “Turtledick” McConnell and the entire Republicans party that’s who fucked up that they don’t even know the difference between their mouth and their ass.

We make this promise to our readers that we will do our best to lower the quality of the content, lie as much as we can and be so offensive we can to reach and beat the level and standard of our president Donald Jackass Trump.

The chances as that they will still beat us, they are the master of the game when it comes to make shit up.

We dedicate this site to the pussy grabbing, wife-changing, daughter-dating, tax-dodging, pathological liar Donald J Trump.

Our mission is to becoming the only source of information for the entire Trump administration. The formulae is simple: the more we lie, the more we made shit up, the more we will be trusted by the Trump administration and his vote banks.