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Trump needed a distraction, and he got one.

Last week Russian president, Vladimir Putin, the most powerful man in the world and in the Republican party showed a video where he showered Florida with nuclear missiles.

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Every patriot was angry, except for Republicans, Fox News and the US president Donald J Trump.

If it was North Korean propaganda, Trump would be all over the Twitter threatening nuclear attack on the Rocket Man. But since it’s Mr. Putin (who reportedly helped Trump won the election), our POTUS is silent.

But silence won’t work. If nothing else happens, it will pick momentum. Any coverage of Putin threatening a nuclear attack on US is bad press. Trump needed a distraction. He did what Trump does the best – distract.

Out of the blue, he started a trade war with the rest of the world. Stock market plummeted, China sent a mature response. European allies of US got upset. The world was turned upside down. Everyone was talking about it. Everyone.

Plan worked. No one is talking about Russian video of dropping nuclear missile on the US.

That’s the kind of president we have. Someone who is willing to set the whole world on fire so that he can protect his own nest.

Welcome to the world of Donald J Trump.

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