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In his pursuit to make America safer, the most popular president of the United States, Donald J Trump, attacked airlines for banning firearms. In a tweet storm on Sunday, President Trump wrote that losing airlines could have averted the 9/11 attack if passengers were carrying guns.

“I mean, I don’t want to have a hundred guards with rifles standing all over the airports. You do a concealed carry permit, just like carry on. This would be a major deterrent, because these people [terrorists] are inherently cowards,” said Trump.

The #1 TV show host Sean Hannity said on his Fox News show, “It’s a very valid point. Just look at the White House, they don’t have a single guard with rifles, they carry concealed weapons which keeps the White House and the President safe.”

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Later Hannity apologized after a Fox News correspondent confirmed that the White House doesn’t allow concealed carry. “Our correspondent just confirmed that the White House does have very tight security and you can’t carry a weapon, because the President’s life is more valuable than your child’s life. Some animals have to be more equal than other animals,” Hannity said.

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