One of the most popular US presidents of all time, Donald J Trump asked a question no one dared to ask. If the US intel agencies were aware of the fact that Russia meddled with our elections, why didn’t Obama do anything about it? “If they knew I colluded with Russia, they should have challenged my candidacy, but they didn’t,” said President Trump in an interview with Fox News. “But they didn’t, because there was no illegal collusion.”

A Trump lawyer, who has been spending a huge chunk of his salary in paying off porn stars who willingly slept with Trump, clarified that when Mr. President said there was ‘no illegal collusion’ he meant that there was nothing illegal or secret. “Mr Trump has build his empire by bending and breaking rules as and when needed. He knows how far he could go. There is no way he would do anything that would fall under illegal category. What my client meant was that it was a totally legal engagement.”

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When our team reached out to Speaker Paul Ryan, he said this is not the right time to talk about collusion.

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