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A teacher was shot and killed by three cops in the MPIEB school (Indiana) on Monday morning. Cops were responding to reports of a white male entering the school premise with a loaded AR-15.

When cops arrived the scene, they saw only one person holding a gun, and they took that person down.

“When you respond to a call, you look for the person with a gun. You don’t have photo ID time to check if that’s the right person. You look for one thing, the guy with a gun. I stand by my deputies who performed their duty,” said Sheriff Clark.

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MPIEB was one of the first schools that embraced NRA and President Trump backed plan to arm teachers with weapons. The slain teacher was a 40-year-old African American coach who was known for being a good-hearted person, always willing to help others.

Trump said in a statement that those cops probably didn’t love the teachers. He also added that the school did a lousy job at arming only one teacher. “If they had more armed teachers, you know more guns. I mean people have told me that more guns are better than less guns, they could have saved that teachers life.”

When a CNN correspondent asked how many more armed teachers would have prevented cops shooting at one of the teachers, President Trump responded. “Get out, fake news.” Once Acosta was removed, Trump said, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

In a statement, the NRA said that they are endorsing a plan proposed by President Trump to arm students with guns.

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