Speaker Paul Ryan is in talks with the Senate/House Republicans and the White House to enforce a new dress code for women who visit the government buildings. The new dress code will ensure no part of women body is visible to men, except for their own family members. 

According to Raw Story, “Women attempting to enter the speaker’s lobby outside the House chamber have recently been denied entrance based on their shoulder-baring sleeveless shirts and dresses.”

One new reporters was told she couldn’t enter the lobby because of her dress. She improvised by tearing pages from her notebook to create “sleeves” — but was still turned away.

Vice President Mike Pence endorsed the move and said, “Sleeveless is just not appropriate for our conservative society, especially when attractive women meet men without the presence of a family member.” said VP in a statement.

Pence and Ryan are working with GOP lawmakers to introduce a new bill called Republican Sharia Law that will impose strict restrictions on women.

The move was widely applauded by FOX & FRIENDS and Republican voters across the country.

Note from the editor: What's going on in our country would have sounded like a far-fetched dystopian novel, some 4 years ago. But it's happening right in front of our eyes. So much chaos is being created by the agent of chaos, Donald Trump, that it's impossible for people to see through it all. As a fiction writer, I take up the task of seeing through it as it is. So here I present to you 'Factual Error', a fictionalized version of the American Politics. If you like my work, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.