Pence tried to destroy space hardware

No one has more disrespect for rules than the Trump administration. Ignoring the sign that clearly says ‘do not touch’, Vice President Mike Pence touched it, regardless. I feel that as an anti-science/religious man, Pence believes that by touching it, he may destroy it with the grace of his almighty god. “I was not trying to destroy it,” said the pastor-turned-politician. “I was blessing it; thanking God for its safe return from heaven to Earth.” A White House staffer said that VP has a tendency to ‘touch’ everything, that’s why he is not allowed by his wife to meet women in her absence. “Vice President Pence is new to this job,” defended Speaker Paul Ryan. “As he spends more time, he will learn what to touch and what not to touch.”

Note from the editor: What's going on in our country would have sounded like a far-fetched dystopian novel, some 4 years ago. But it's happening right in front of our eyes. So much chaos is being created by the agent of chaos, Donald Trump, that it's impossible for people to see through it all. As a fiction writer, I take up the task of seeing through it as it is. So here I present to you 'Factual Error', a fictionalized version of the American Politics. If you like my work, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.