The joint committee by FBI, CIA and NSA is opening an investigation into claims made by president-elect Donald J Trump at Mar-a-Lago where he said “I think it’s unfair if we don’t know. It could be somebody else. I also know things that other people don’t know so we cannot be sure.”

“Who is giving Mr. Trump all of that information? Either his is bluffing, as usual, or he is actually getting his information from his of POC in the Russian government. In either case, it’s dangerous and should be investigated,” said one person who is familiar with the formation of the committee.

Over time Mr. Trump has expressed his trust in US intelligence agencies, US election process, US secret service that protect the president, Air Force One, US federal government…to name a few. For more than 7 years Mr. Trump ran a campaign that current president Barack Obama was not a US citizen and demanded his birth certificate. At occasions, Mr. Trump has expressed more faith and trust in Russian hackers, Wikileaks and Russian government than the US government.

A member of the committee who refused to disclose his identity told news reporters that never before in the US history has any president done this.

Another reason behind the investigation is Trump’s refusal to disclose tax returns, which may throw lights on how much money he owes to Russians.

A majority of Republicans and Trump voters criticized McCain and said they are politicizing the presidency. “An attack on Putin is an attack on the US. We should not tolerate that,” one angry Trump supporter said.When we asked Mr. Trump about this investigation he said, “I will tell more on Tuesday.”

When we asked Mr. Trump about this investigation he said, “I will tell more on Tuesday.