SILICON VALLEY (Factual Error) — Jono Bacon, who recently delivered a talk on Ubuntu at SCaLE is having a change of heart. Jono is asking the Linux community to ditch the Linux kernel and switch to XNU (X is not Unix) that’s used by Apple in Mac OS X operating system.

Jono wrote on his personal blog, “Today my computing experience is comprised of a bit of Ubuntu and Mac OS X. On Ubuntu I am still playing with GNOME Shell and on Mac I am using the standard desktop experience.”

He further added, “My Mac has beautiful hardware and anything I plug into it just works out the box (or has drivers). While I spend most of my life in Chrome and Atom, I use some apps that are not available on Ubuntu (e.g. Bluejeans and Evernote clients). I also find multimedia is just easier and more reliable on my Mac. So I want to get rid of unreliable Linux.”

Not everyone will agree that multi-media is less reliable on Linux than on Jono’s Mac OS X. Check out the video below that demonstrates how smooth and painless it is to start Keynote application from Mac OS X at a Linux event.

Jono’s basic idea is to keep the user land open source and replace the base, Linux, with Mac OS X. He proposes, “When you fire up the distribution, GNOME Shell appears (or Unity, KDE, Elementary etc) and it is running natively on the Mac, full screen like you would see on Linux. For all intents and purposes it looks and feels like a Linux box, but it is running on top of Mac OS X. This means hardware issues (particularly hardware that needs specific drivers) go away.”

We approached Greg Kroah-Hartman who maintains drivers for Linux and has done an incredible job at offering much better driver support for Linux than it’s available for Mac OS X. Greg rebuffed Jono’s assertions and said, “There is no consumer devices that I know of don’t work with Linux.”

Reddit, as expected, went nuts after this blog post from Jono. One Redditt user, who has now been banned for voicing his opinion on the internet, wrote:

I can only smile to see that Jono specifically call it ‘my’ Mac. Apple’s RDF is at work. So someone who proclaimed at SCaLE that ‘We (he probably meant Linux) have won’ actually believes we haven’t. And is now telling people that open source desktop environment needs to move from Linux to Mac OS X, to a platform that’s designed by the most restrictive software company in the world.

Richard M Stallman was not pleased with Bacon, he told us in an emailed interview “I have tremendous respect for Jono and his fantastic work in laying the foundations for the Free Software and Open Source world that we have today, but I think he is short-sighted at times. His views on software projects are pretty binary: either a strict set of ethics (defined by him) are observed, or it should be shunned. This just seems a bit childish to me.”

We also reached out to Linus Torvalds, who was at LCA, Australia. He had an Nvidia moment on the stage and said to Jono: “Hey, you fucked up.”

Miguel de Icaza, the co-founder of Gnome said in an emailed interview, “Mac has killed the Linux desktop and Jono’s arrival to Mac OS is a natural progression of a Linux user.”

Fine print: This story was filed in the Factual Error/Humor section.

  • Hemant Kumar

    I think Jono’s decision to choose MacOS over Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro) is wholly depends on desktop experience and device (driver) support. But the power of Linux lies in the kernel and the shell it provides to work with. Now the hardware community is slowly moving towards developing device driver for Linux. And regarding desktop experience and device support, Windows is doing better in this field.

  • Gabor K. Horvath

    I just love when people get all worked up over the opinion of the random dude.
    This kind of thing keeps happening all the time.

  • Benoît Etienne

    perfect driver compatibility! woaw great idea, why not use linux on just one hardware everyone would use and would have to buy? oh yeah apple does it and it sucks!!!”!!!
    plz can i give you a kidney for your “perfect” hardware?selling my wife is not enough….

  • Joel Z.

    The Apple’s products are very expensive in many countries, the proposal “Linux user move to Mac” is invalid in most 60% of world, in my country Venezuela a MacBook is close to 2.000.000 Bs, while basic month salary is only 16.000 Bs, when i may buy a Mac? Never!

  • Chris de Boer

    I am a great admirer of linux since 1995 but windows 10 stuns me every day while linux keeps disappointing me more and more. SuSE 6.4 was the best I ever saw but that is long ago . . . Apple is linux with windows-like treats. Apple is NOT I repeat NOT as user friendly as all say. Yesterday I fixed a stupid auto-spelling-correction mechanism for an old lady. So, a worthy test for user-friendly aspects should be: test it on your mother-in-law . . .

    • Spot the troll

      Apple is not Linux, it is BSD — look at who was the first director for the OSX side of the house — Jordan Hubbard – a founding member of the FreeBSD project.