At the SCaLE 14x Jono Bacon (GitHub and Ubuntu fame) launched a spin-off of his extremely popular Bad Voltage show. The new show is called Mac Voltage and it debuted amid the huge gathering of drunk people trying to get more free beer at SCaLE 14x.

The show started off with Bacon sitting on the stage floor with his MacBook, trying to figure out how to start a keynote presentation at the open source conference. The skit ran for 10 minutes amid cheers and excitement from the drunk audience.

When I inquired Bacon about the use of Apple’s MacBook, non-free OS Mac OS X and non-free application Keynote instead of Linux or LibreOffice at the event, Jono angrily replied “Didn’t you attend Sarah Sharp’s keynote about increasing diversity in the open source world? I am simply trying to diversify my use of operating systems and applications.”

He was pretty pleased with the performance, “It was a great performance by the group. We rehearsed for it the whole day at the conference and I am satisfied with the debut. We will be back.”

Only party pooper was Matthew Garrett who didn’t realize that it was a spin-off of Bad Voltage. He forcefully grabbed the mike from Gareth Greenaway, stormed the stage and delivered a very angry rant on the stage. Later he was dragged out of the room by security forces, lead by the drill sergeant Larry Cafiero. 

Bacon said that Apple has accepted (after the team paid the $99 fee) the skit as part of their WWD conference and the crew will produce a show for the upcoming Apple Conference.

Fine print: This post was filed under ‘Factual Error/Humor’ section.

  • Larry Cafiero

    Um . . . that wasn’t me dragging Matthew Garrett out. In fact, I would have probably provided him security to speak.