Donald Trump asks supporters to wear Trump badges

(Gage Skidmore)

Donald J Trump, Republican candidates for 2016 SCOUTS elections is calling his supporter to wear a badge that has TP inscribed on it.

“We need to know good guys from bad guys. We need to know who supports me and who is against me.” Trump said in a rally today. “You don’t want to hit, hurt or injure your own kind. Only way to tell is this badge.”

Source of image: Western Journalism

Trump is selling the badges and car stickers from his official site for $99 each. The money collected from the sale of the TP badges will go to the Trump foundation, controlled by his son.

The announcement came after a series of violent attacks by Trump supporter who ended by fatally injuring two woman mistaking them for Muslims and Mexicans. Both were Trump supporters who were going to attend a Trump rally.

Commenting on the attack, Trump campaign manager said, “If you don’t blend in with the crowd, you will get blended. Be safe, wear the Trump badge.”

Donald Trump promises to protect the LGBT community from Mike Pence

Trump reaches out to kiss Pence as he grabs his penis.

Donald J. Trump, the leader of the new Republican party and presidential nominee reached out to the LGBT community during his RNC speech.

Trump said that “As president, I will do everything in my power to protect LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful ideology of my vice president Mike Pence.”

Trump vice president pick Pence is known for discriminating against the LGBT community. As the governor of Indiana Pence signed “Religious Freedom” law that allows extremists to discriminate against anyone who doesn’t share the same religious views.

Trump said that to protect the LGBT community from hate an violence he will propose a federal ban on LGBT community from entering conservatives states such as Indiana, North Carolina, etc. “As a president I will do everything that I can to protect you,”

The sudden change in Trump’s tone came after Peter Thiel had a bad encounter with Pence in the billionaire box, where Pence refused to pass water bottle to Thiel invoking his religious freedom law. “Serving water to a gay is against my religious beliefs. I am a Christian first and then a VP prick.”

Report claims Neil Hamilton was was heavily stoned when he made the Brexit statement


Many reports suggest that Neil Hamilton and other members were heavily stoned when they made the following statement:

“We want tariff-free access to the single market and it will be hugely in the interests of the European Union to grant it,” Neil Hamilton, from UKIP’s national executive committee, told BBC Radio 4 today, following Britain’s vote to leave the EU.

Analysts say that’s akin to tenant saying they are ending the lease, but they want rent-free access to their apartment.

Post Orlando, ISIS thanks NRA for being their closest ally in the US

ISIS Jihadi's showing support for NRA.

After the Orlando mass murder of innocent people ISIS praised the gunman and thanked its closest ally in the US: The National Rifle Association (NRA). “Our job would have been extremely hard in the US without such a great deal of support and cooperation from NRA,” said ISIS in a statement.

ISIS Jihadi's showing support for NRA.
ISIS Jihadi’s showing support for NRA.

ISIS added that the biggest challenge their jihadi face around the globe is to acquire arms. “99.9% of our resources gets wasted in getting explosives and guns for our Jihadis. That’s a huge challenge. But not in the US. NRA keeps fighting to ensure that our jihadis have easy access to assault weapons, guns and explosives. Action speaks louder than words. NRA has worked really hard that even if FBI puts someone on no-fly list, that jihadi can still buy assault weapons. That’s amazing. And NRA have not failed us even once,” said Abu Karim, the public relations officer of ISIS on a YouTube video.

An emotional ISIS spokesperson with teary eyes said to NRA: “You complete us.”

In the US, NRA pumps huge amount of money in bribing* congressmen. A majority of GOP congressmen receive huge amounts of bribes from NRA and their only job is to block any bill that could make it harder for terrorists to buy guns.

NRA, as expected, issued a statement and said if those 50 people were armed with guns this attack could have been avoided.

Donald J Trump, the presumptuous GOP nominee for the presidential race Tweeted: “Bad terrorism by Muslims. I will pass a law where every American will be required by law to carry an assault rifle all the time. Shoot at sight. And I will pay legal fee. Make America tough again.”

*Bribing has been legalized in the US. Companies are free to buy their own politicians. According to an estimate 80% of the US congress is owned by private companies.

Annette Hurst’s understanding of GNU GPL ‘typical of children aged 11 and under’: RMS


Annette Hurst, an attorney with a firm that represented Oracle in the Google vs Oracle lawsuit said that she was inspired by Donald Trump’s gibberish when she penned her ‘Google killed GPL blog’. She told in a press statement that she got all of her facts from a lot of blogs that she read online. “I gathered the opinion of random people on the Internet and put all of that together in the same cohesive way that Trump does in his statement. I spend whole afternoon reading Redditt comment section to research on my blog,” said Hurst in a statement. Richard M Stallman, the founder of GNU GPL told us in an email that he has not read her blog as he doesn’t allow random Javascripts to run on his machine, but from what he has heard about her blog he concluded that “Hurst’s understanding of GNU GPL ‘typical of children aged 11 and under.” He recursively backtracked from his statement by adding that some children under 11 actually do have a better understanding of free software than Hurst has.

Trump cancels debate with Sanders after a series of panic attacks


Donald H Trump, the presumptive presumptuous GOP nominee for the presidential race, withdrew himself from a debate with Democratic front runner Bernie Sanders. Trump had a series of panic attacks after Sanders agreed for the debate. Trump was secretly admitted in one of his Trump Hospitals where he was treated by a team of quacks who suggested that he should not participate in any debate that may involve facts, truth and basic human decency expected in modern human civilization. Sanders is slated to become Democratic nominee as he is way ahead of both Trump and Clinton in recent polls.


Trump will use nukes if becomes the president


On CNN Live today, Donald H Trump said that if he becomes the US president the first thing he would do is use our nukes. Unfortunately, most of what he said on TV was incomprehensible because his English and grammar is ‘just below 6th grade level.’ We reached out to Trump’s press team, which comprises of participants from his Apprentice show, and they sent us a transcript of his statement:

We have these great, very good, very powerful weapons sitting around collecting dust. Trust me I have seen them and these nukes are in very bad shape. Very bad. Weak Obama had done a very bad job. But let me tell you one thing. I am a businessman. I have a lot of money. I know how to use resources and I am going to use those nukes. I am going to use them. I will use them. I have that power. I will use them against Muslims. I will use them against Mexicans who won’t leave the country. Yes. I am going to use them. I will use them against China. Who ever steals our jobs, I will use our nukes. It will be awesome. IT will be so awesome. No one else can do it better than. I know how to use Nukes.

(Trump sprinkling nukes on his enemies.)

Republicans across the country cheered at his statement with the slogan: Let’s make America nuke again!

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Microsoft signs deal with ownCloud


Microsoft has signed a deal with Boston based ownCloud Inc. to power the underneath infrastructure of Microsoft’s cloud service OneDrive and Azure Cloud.

“Open source technologies are innovating at an unprecedented rate due to massive scale of collaboration across communities and companies,” said Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Enterprise and Client Mobility at Microsoft. “We have been increasing open source components within our non differentiating infrastructure. And induction of ownCloud in our cloud infrastructure is a natural path for us.”

This is not the first time Microsoft is baking in open source technologies in its cloud infrastructures. Recently they developed a Linux based switch for their Azure Cloud. This week they announced the arrival of Ubuntu for Windows, to enable developers in running Linux developer tools on Windows.

Commenting on the announcement Frank Karlitschek of ownCloud told me in a telephonic interview, “We are excited about this development and we look forward to working closely with Microsoft. They have been a great partner.”

Kamala Subramaniam, Principal Architect, Azure Networking at Microsoft wrote in a blog post, “Both the cloud and the enterprise depend on high-speed, highly available file sync services for their services. This makes it critical for enterprise customers to be able to control their own destiny by rapidly adding to their infrastructure features they need while keeping out feature changes that increase risk and complexity.ownCloud fills that requirement.”

She continued, “Traditional file sync software is built for several customers with several scenarios and feature requests. Since the ownCloud focuses on feature development based on Microsoft priorities, it has a Lean Stack. The thin software stack focuses on software needed for our Datacenter Networks and strives to fix, test and remediate file sync software bugs faster than the current run rate. The ownCloud is also a Modular Stack as opposed to one monolithic image. The advantages of a lean and modular stack are plenty. It makes validation easier with less probability for hidden, high priority bugs and reduces new feature request time lag.”

When asked about whether any of the integration component that Microsoft is developing in-house a Microsoft spokesperson said that since ownCloud will be used within Microsoft’s own OneDrive and Azure infrastructure, they won’t be releasing the source code. However, if in future OneDrive client is integrated with ownCloud client then due to GNU GPL, they will open source OneDrive.

Under the deal the existing ownCloud enterprise customers will be able to migrate to OneDrive that will be powered by ownCloud. At the same time existing OneDrive customers will also be able to move to ownCloud Enterprise edition and manage their subscription through Microsoft.

Microsoft is expected to complete the transition to ownCloud by the end of 2016.

Microsoft joins the Open Invention Network


Microsoft today announced that they are joining the Open Invention Network (OIN)as a licensee. The company joins the ranks of IBM, Google, Red Hat who have been a long time OIN member. The company made a pledge that they will not use their patents against any Linux vendor. If needed they will use their patents only in defense.

“We love Linux. We are committed to be part of this vibrant Linux community and software patents was one big roadblock. We are removing that roadblock today,” said Satya Nadella in a press statement.

Microsoft joins the ranks of Google, IBM, Red Hat...
Microsoft joins the ranks of Google, IBM, Red Hat…

The surprise announcement comes just two days after the company announced Ubuntu for Windows, a joint initiative by Microsoft and Canonical to bring Linux dev tools to Windows 10.

Microsoft has invested heavily in Linux and other open source technologies. They are using Linux to power networking switches in Azur Cloud, they are open sourcing their extremely popular tools Visual Studio and platforms like .Net. They have made available all leading Linux distributions – RHEL, SLE, Ubuntu, Debian, etc – on their Azure cloud. They are working with the Linux Foundation on CII.

Jim Zemlin, executive editor of the Linux Foundation said in a statement, “We have been working with Microsoft on so many different areas. I am so happy to see this refreshing change at Microsoft.”

Microsoft today is actually more involved with the Linux and open source community than many open source vendors. As a result, their decision to join OIN and make a public gesture that they will not use their patents to attack any Linux vendor is a natural progression in the direction of them becoming a pure open source company.

Florian Mueller, one of the leading authorities on patents and intellectual properties who also works as an IP advisor to companies like Google, Red Hat and SUSE, wrote on his blog, “OIN is a great platform for Microsoft to make such a pledge. The reason being OIN is a soft platform. You can join OIN and still sue each other. Oracle and Google are great example of how OIN offers such great flexibility; the right to sue.”

The company is also expected to join the Linux Foundation as a member.