Richard Stallman talks about Microsoft Linux (Azure Sphere OS)

I see it as a small positive step - RMS

Richard M. Stallman: How to make America Great Again

The US is not a democracy, but we can change that.

Ubuntu looks up at cloud and AI with 18.04

Canonical has announced Ubuntu 18.04 that focuses on cloud-centric workloads, along with new capabilities to support machine learning and AI frameworks.

Should a Panasonic GH5 user buy Sony A 7iii?

I am thinking of adding Sony A 7iii to my Panasonic GH5/S family. Is it a wise move?

Docker 2.0 comes with Kubernetes as a first-class citizen

Docker Inc., the company that triggered the container movement, has released the second version of Docker Enterprise Edition.

With Linux, Microsoft makes IoT systems super secure

Microsoft is building its business on top of Linux. Linux to them is a vehicle, just the way it is for Red Hat and SUSE. The success of Microsoft is now tied to the success of Linux.