Trump lied about contacting families of fallen soldiers?

The Hill reports:

White House aides were “hustling” to secure an up-to-date list of soldiers who died this year after President Trump claimed in an interview earlier this week that he had contacted the families of “virtually everybody” in the military who was killed since he took office, Roll Call reported Friday.

The staff starting to gather the list hours ‘after’ Trump had made the claim. So essentially, Trump probably knew that he had _not_ contacted everyone yet he made the claim.

We are dealing with a person who is either a pathological liar; a person who lies without knowing he is lying or he made bogus claims thinking that his base, his real base that’s made of extremists, doesn’t really care what the facts are. He believes that _his_ message will reach to millions who will never bother to fact check or read news that contradicts him. His base watches Fox New, they read Breitbart and they don’t care what NYT or CNN say. So he is rest assured that his lies will have the exact impact that he wants.

That make things really difficult for us as a democratic society because Trump continues to spread lies and continues to divide the country. I have no idea how this is going to end. I have no idea what’s the future of US as GOP is in total compliance with Trump and Democrats lack the leadership or vision they need to counter Trump.

What do you think is the future of USA?

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